4 Hand Tantric Bodywork


A blissful 4 handed Tantric bodywork session providing a balancing of both masculine and feminine energies with our two practitioners Carl & Lady Raven.

We are devoted solely to you in this full body intuitive healing four handed bodywork and mediation session. This is a head to toe session is inspired by the sacred practices of Tantra, Neo Tantra, Taoist and Neo Taoist bodywork, Thai stretching, Ayurveda and modern Lomi Lomi. It may include a mix of rhythmic light to medium pressure full body strokes, stretching, intuitive energy healing, chakra balancing and anointing oils, crystal singing bowl, meditation, aromatherapy and intense breath work. It is designed to de-armour and clear any energy blockages to awaken and move Prana or Qi (life energy) throughout the body, as well as deep physical and mental relaxation, to re-awaken the God / dess in you, your Kundalini, your power.

This is a session of communication, trust, compassion and healing, done in an atmosphere of safety and non judgement to allow you to express and explore yourself, while being guided with loving and nurturing energy devoted solely to you without expectations and the need to reciprocate. In other words, it’s all about you. Let the world outside disappear for this time as you are healed and pampered.

This bodywork is not for the shy, due to the full body fascial melting strokes, the working of the entire length of muscles and all of the chakras, including the Root and Sacral (sexual energy center), which can be invasive to some. It hits all the traditional spots you might expect in bodywork – but also goes further (with your permission) to areas you may have not had worked before: your chest, ribs, abdomen, pelvis, non-ejaculatory genital (yoni or lingam) work. Your consent will be established before we begin and may be changed at any time.

The session is done with you fully nude or nude to your comfort level on a traditional Thai kapok mat on the floor and with organic coconut oil, please let us know if you have any allergies to this.


*Due to the intimacy of this service, we require you to fill in our  "Intake & Consent Form" before your service and we offer a brief phone consultation to go over specifics for this treatment and to answer any related questions if you would like.

Please contact us for bookings.

This service is approximately 2 hours long and requires an exchange of $600