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Lomi Lomi

Massage Oil

Temple style Lomi Lomi is a style of bodywork developed by the ancient Polynesian Kahunas. Lomi means a shifting of energy. The bodywork was done as part of a process of shifting your energy to heal your mind, body, emotions and life.  This session encompasses breath work, stretching, laying on of hands, bodywork done as long flowing forearm and hand strokes to mimic rolling ocean waves. As with all of our work, this is our inspired version, like a dance, it is a free flow session and no two will ever be exactly the same. The movements are designed to free the mind from analyzing what is happening and to surrender, letting go of anything that is no longer serving you to rejuvenate your soul energy. 

This is a minimally draped head to toe session using liberal amounts of coconut oil, done on a massage table.

Due to Florida laws, I can't offer this out of our home, but I am available to come to your home or hotel. 

This service does not require a consultation call. You can let me know any preferences at the time of booking.

90 min long $166

2 hours long $222

Prices are for the Orlando area, anything beyond that will require an additional travel fee. Hotel parking fees will also be the responsibility of the client. 

Please contact CJ for bookings. 

Lic #MA31775

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