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Tantra massage Orlando

East West Tantra

Healing Arts For Women & Couples

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For us, Tantra is the expansion of the self. It is done through care of the physical, mental and energetic bodies. Fully uniting them to raise your vibration and consciousness, to reach new levels of physical and spiritual ecstasy.


We believe the goal of our spiritual journey in this life is to reach that higher level of consciousness and connectedness within ourselves, to each other, the planet and the cosmos, or source energy as we like to call it. The realization that all of the energy flowing in every atom of me is also flowing in all of life, I am it and it is me. 

The form of Tantra that we practice is considered Neo (new or modern) Tantra. It is inspired by classical Tantra and other ancient wisdom, but not strict to any ancient texts, rituals, or lineages. Our offerings are an East meets West, ancient and modern knowledge fusion as we like to think of it. We infuse and incorporate healing traditions from around the World.

Our goal is to meet you where you are, and do our best to help you along your path to a more blissful life. It’s hard to stay on an awakened path or live mindfully when you have stagnant energy and other physical and mental blockages. 

Paradise is not a place; it’s a state of consciousness. — Sri Chinmoy





Please reach out via text to schedule an appointment.

We are unavailable on Tuesdays & Sundays.

*Hours vary and are subject to change.

Please see Scheduling page for contact information.

We work out of our private home office located near the Orlando International Airport.

The address will be provided after scheduling is complete.

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