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The Red Lotus Tantra Massage

red lotus water lily blooming on water surface and dark blue leaves toned, purity nature b

This euphoric bodywork is done as process of shifting your energy and letting go, to free your mind, body, emotions and life.  This session encompasses slow deep breathing, stretching, laying on of hands energy work, bodywork done as long flowing forearm and hand strokes to mimic flowing water. As with all of our work, this is an inspired ritual, like a dance, it is a free flow session and no two will ever be exactly the same. The movements are designed to free the mind from analyzing what is happening and to surrender, letting go of anything that is no longer serving you to rejuvenate your soul and open your energy channels like the petals of a lotus flower. 

This is a minimally draped head to toe session using liberal amounts of coconut oil, it is done on a massage table with a sarong and red lights. This session does not include an opening meditation or in-depth chakra work.

*Due to the intimacy of this service, we require you to fill in our  "Intake & Consent Form" before your service and we require a brief phone consultation to go over specifics for this treatment and to answer any related questions if you would like.  There is no sexual interaction or exchange of any kind and your provider does not undress.

This service is approximately 1 hour long and requires an exchange of $222. 

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