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Neo-Tantra Facilitator, Holistic Bodywork Expert, Energy Healer

With over two decades of dedicated experience in health and wellness, I'm a 23 year licensed massage therapist and wellness provider. Thousands of massage sessions have honed my sensitivity to the body's subtle energies, sparking a journey into energy and chakra healing. My path has been guided by a deep fascination with shamanic and indigenous healing practices, leading me to the transformative world of Tantra and Taoism.

Driven by curiosity, I've undertaken advanced study in Neo-Tantric healing techniques, including breath work, meditation, trauma release, chakra and kundalini work, and the harmonizing power of sound healing. My commitment is unwavering, ensuring that I offer you profound and transformative experiences on your path to well-being. Welcome to a world where ancient wisdom meets modern healing, where I'm here to guide you toward balance, vitality, and profound self-awareness.


Lady Raven


Neo-Tantra Facilitator, Massage Therapist.

As a seasoned massage & bodywork professional, I have worked in the industry for over 10 years in various roles and modalities. I also bring a wealth of knowledge from working with plant medicines, being involved in and understanding of the LGBTQIA+ and poly communities.

Fully COVID-19 vaccinated and boosted. 

Massage & Bodywork Training;

A.S. Massage & Bodywork - Keiser University

CE trainings in; aroma therapy, stone massage, deep tissue, prenatal massage, Lomi Lomi, cupping, various body treatments and much more.

*I no longer offer traditional massage services*

Additional Trainings; 

One on one training in Tantra  facilitating with C.J.

Chakra Healing - Prof Krishna N Sharma

Yoni/Vaginal Steam Training - Misty Cassady

Dispensary Management - Learn Sativa University

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