"My husband and I were looking for something new and exciting to experience together. We came across Carl at East West Tantra and liked the idea of meditation and learning the art of tantra. Carl offered a relaxing atmosphere that helped my husband and myself feel at ease with this new endeavor. My husband and I were nervous walking in due to our inexperience with Tantra. Carl made it easy to relax, open our minds, and enjoy the experience together. I would recommend East West Tantra for any couple looking for an experience that will bring a new level of intimacy for years to come!"


Whitney S. 

"I experienced a Goddess Tantric bodywork session with Carl. He is an exceptional healer, and brings to this session a kind, beautiful, loving yet powerful masculine presence. He offers a safe container of loving acceptance, and I felt his complete commitment to my well-being throughout the session. I felt totally safe in this environment, which provided a sacred opportunity of exploring and learning more about the interplay of masculine/feminine sexual energy and how this presents itself in my life. If you are a woman new to truly exploring the beautiful dance of energy and want to understand more about yourself and your sexual well-being, with a trusted and skilled practitioner, then I would highly recommend this wonderful experience with Carl."

Jen A.

"Carl is incredibly intuitive and gifted. He really understands energy work and exchange. He holds an infinite amount of light and unconditional love within him and he's very gifted in sharing that with another individual. My experience was incredibly healing and beautiful. he made me feel very safe and comfortable. I'm super grateful for my time there and for his healing ability."

Alaetra J.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was calming and inviting. My husband wasn't sure at first, but was also very comfortable with the experience. We learned a lot about each other and will use it every chance we get!"

Edythe B.

"Carl was very up front with expectations and so incredibly intuitive with his service. He made me feel comfortable and confident with my expression during the service. His energy and thoughtfulness was fantastic. I would suggest his services to anyone who is looking to explore energetic work and chakra healing."

Dean R.

"This was a deeply invigorating experience. Carl is very sensitive, tender and respectful. I felt deeply cared for throughout the entire session. He was kind and attentive and comforting to be around. To feel relaxed in an experience like this is a prerequisite to any possible healing or therapy. Carl's demeanor and the physical space that I was welcomed into both registered as safe and inviting. After the session, I feel a sense of being re-tuned, more connected with myself and embodied. This is very valuable."


Rachel P. 

"You can work on Self, healing past trauma, becoming empowered, having a voice and work towards being whole.  I've done that!  What I have never done is integrate my sexual being into my whole self.  I had learned that it was  always a separate entity to myself.


Working with Carl has been necessary and critical to integrating my sexual self into my whole being. Carl's guidance has led me to fuller acceptance, awareness and expression through voice, touch and receiving not giving.  Through this work my fullness as a sexual being is not just through bodily organs but my whole body as a vessel of expression. I am attuned and  enlightened to my whole self. I see and feel the world differently with every interaction and a deeper and more meaningful connection to self. 


My intimate interactions are now on a new level I never could have conceived as possible, rich and fulfilling. I am grateful I invested in a series of sessions. Each one unique, guiding towards my greater soul self."


Chris B.

"What a beautiful experience! Carl's energy is so calming, and so safe to be with, which allowed me to be truthful in sharing with him what I needed. My trauma is deep and old, and after just the first session with him, I finally feel like I can relax and exist in the moment. His light is intuitive and open, and he adapts the service to my needs. He held space for me that felt loving and nurturing, which gave me the courage to receive his healing energy. My body and mind are opening up. The session was very beautiful, renewing and powerful, and I highly recommend it for everyone."